What is Staking ?

Our team made a contract with the support of Aptos Monkeys that allow you to stake your Doge directly on their site. This staking contract is the condition on emission of $BONE: you "lock" your Doge in our contract & in exchange the contract emits 0.3 $BONE per hour.

Where to stake my Doges ?

What are the conditions of Staking?

  • Earn 7,2 $BONE / doge / day

  • Non-custodial with dual signature (we do not have any authority on staked NFTs)

  • Stake up to 100 NFTs per wallet

  • Verification compatible

What happens if i unstake my NFTs before withdrawing?

Your farmed $BONE coins are withdrawed with any doge you unstake they were farmed by. Meaning if you select all and unstake all, this will withdraw 100% of farmed coins.

I have troubleshoot, what to do?

  1. Have atleast 0.01 APT balance in your Aptos wallet to stake per NFT.

  2. If "Stake All"/"Unstake All" doesn’t work, try 1 by 1.

  3. If none worked, open a ticket in discord explaining your problem in details.

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